Wallet provider for Dapps

Using wallet providers, dApps are able to provide their end-users with wallets without having to deal with the security concerns that come with key management. Having a wallet provider as part of your Dapp makes the onboarding process of new investors as seamless as possible.

This is where Arkane shines, by using Arkane developers are easily able to integrate their Dapps with the PulseNet chain, be this an existing dApp already integrated with web3 or something brand new, Arkane makes life simple for both you and your users.

Arkane has many features that allow for interaction with PulseNet, from creating blockchain wallets or various asset types such as fungible PRC20, ERC20 tokens or the beloved non-fungible PRC721 and ERC1155 tokens as well as interacting with smart contracts, last but not least you can offer your users a friendly user interface.

There are two different methods for interacting with Arcane, dApps that support web3 will be nudged towards the Arkane Web3 Provider while others can make use of the Arkane Widget

Key features

  • Supports both mobile and web apps
  • Logins for socials
  • Fiat-on-ramp available 
  • The only wallet to support both PRC721 & ERC1155 on PulseNet
  • Multichain, supports both Ethereum and PulseNet
  • Integrate easily using web3
  • Built for a large audience
  • Customer support on hand within the app
  • A complete test environment provided
  • Create wallets via APIs

Getting Started 🎉

Assuming you already support web3 technology, you’ll be able to improve upon the user experience within your application by integrating the web3 provider by Arkane, a smart wrapper around the existing Web3 Ethereum JavaScript API.

This web3 provider will grant you the power to access the full potential of Arkane with just a few simple steps, integration takes less than 5 minutes and will allow you to onboard new users without them having to rely on third party plugins or even leave your application.

Don’t Support Web3? -> Widget – 📦
Widget – Arkane Connect.

Step 1: Adding the library to your project

Download the library using the Node Package Manager

					npm i @arkane-network/web3-arkane-provider


Add the script at the head of your page

					<script src="/node_modules/@arkane-network/web3-arkane-provider/dist/web3-arkane-provider.js"></script>

Upon completion of this, a global object is added to your window. This object will act ask the gateway for creating the web3 wrapper and will fully integrate the widget – Arkane Connect

Step 2: How to Initialize the web3 provider in your project

					Arkane.createArkaneProviderEngine({clientId: ‘Arketype’}).then(provider => {
    web3 = new Web3(provider);

Following this you’ll be able to sign transactions, messages and fetch wallets 

Your dApp now supports Arkane! 🎉

In order to connect to Arkanes mainnet, your dApp will need to be registered and you will need to request your Client ID

Feel free to explore everything Arkane has to offer by checking out their documentation

Receive PULSE and PRC20 tokens

Every PULSE wallet in Arkane is able to send and receive PULSE or PRC20 tokens. They will automatically appear in your wallet.

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